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Professional Attention

When you work as a computer professional, you will inevitably hear your share of corporate phrases and workplace lingo. You know what I'm talking about. Things like "let's take that off-line", and "let's drill down", and the infamous "we have to think out of the box." It's so easy to mock these phrases, yet I find myself tossing them into my own regular speech. One of my favorites is "circle back", as in "I'll circle back with you on that task later in the week." Riiiight. This morning, while reading Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing, I saw a phrase I hadn't seen before: "Wheels were quickly set into motion to transfer the file association Web service to a machine with a little bit more professional attention and maintenance." Professional attention. That's better than "regular" attention, but I'm not mocking it. "Professional attention" makes me stand up more proudly. It's a really good one. I can't wait to use that one at work.