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Getting PHP Debugging with XDebug Working (on Windows)

I've been learning about Drupal Module Development the past few weeks. I'm using the venerable "Definitive Guide to Drupal 7" and a few times in the module development chapters (18, 19, 20), author Ben Melançon mentions running Drupal "in an IDE" to see how Drupal creates its various internal arrays.

Debugging Tagadelic Tags in Drupal

I added a tag cloud to this BLOG. It looks quite nice, and I was happy with the tags except when I saw that that they didn't accurately reflect my content.

When I first deployed this change, the biggest tag was for "drupal", but when you clicked on that tag, you saw only one story. And conversely, the "c++" tag is smaller than the "drupal" tag, but there are three "c++" stories. Why was the "drupal" tag so large? And why was the "c++" tag so small?

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